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2021 airshow has been cancelled

Due to  COVID-19, MARBA and The City of Manassas have jointly cancelled the 2021 Leaseweb Manassas.  This decision was made together in the interest of public safety and health of our community in regards to the coronavirus pandemic. The airshow takes an enourmous amount of time and resources during the planning and implimentation phases.  At this time, we feel these resources need to be focused on helping our community. Thanks to our city leaders and public safety for putting the community first!  Thanks for your understanding and God Bless.  

Kevin & Ann Rychlik

MARBA Airshow Co-Chairs


Every city has a different heartbeat. An underlying rhythm of life that sets the pace and defines the culture. Here in Manassas our heart beats across hallowed ground that once saw battle in this country’s defining war. It pulses through high tech boardrooms and classrooms. It is a life source for creative minds. And its strength is shared in the homes throughout this close-knit community. Like a drum that stimulates a solider into courage, the heartbeat here is inspiring. Uplifting. Constant. And it’s palpable in everything from business to pleasure. 

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